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Jin Teng Gear's wonderful appearance in Russia

Jin Teng Gear's wonderful appearance in Russia

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On April 19, 2018, the 22nd Russian International Mine Machinery Exhibition successfully ended at the CROCUS Pavilion in Moscow, demonstrating our key spiral gear products and discovering a large number of potential customers, laying a good foundation for the development of the market.




The Russian market is in urgent need of high-quality mining equipment. The International Mine Machinery Exhibition has a lot of achievements. This covers the entire industrial chain such as Geological prospecting, exploration and development, mining investment and financing, smelting and processing, technology and equipment, and mining services, so as to create a good communication platform for domestic and foreign behavior.

Led by our company marketing department vice president, a total of three persons went to visit Russia.The friendship platform of the exhibition has become an important part of the overall market development of the company. This time, we have prepared meaningful gifts to promote and advertise our brand. It's also a great opportunity to showcase our corporate strengths and image. Through this mineral machine exhibition, visitors have more in-depth understanding and understanding of the Jin Teng Gear.


The layout of our exhibition stand




  The atmosphere was very warm throughout the whole exhibition




  Our exhibition stand attracts endless stream of people




  We communicate technical issues with our consulting clients.




The three-day exhibition soon ended. This exhibition made us benefit a lot and we have received a lot of customer information. Although the exhibition ended, the work was not yet over. What really played a role was the timely follow-up after the exhibition. After returning to the factory, we will communicate with the customers on the site of the exhibition, divide the formal customers and potential customers, etc.. The next step is to contact the customers.

What makes us happy is,that through this exhibition, we have attracted some new customers, they are some high quality customers. Moreover, we have received a series of letters from overseas regarding the negotiation of procurement matters. Our company needs to exchange more industry information and use the exhibition platform to facilitate the promotion of our products. Jin Teng Gear, the turning technology, to let Jin Teng Brand go to the world!