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11th China(Shanghai) International Mining and Lifting Machinery Exhibition in 2018

11th China(Shanghai) International Mining and Lifting Machinery Exhibition in 2018

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Jin Teng Gear meets you at the 11th China International Mining Machine Exhibition in 2018.

From June 13 to June 15, 2018, we attended the 11th China(Shanghai) International Exhibition on Mining and Lifting Machinery in 2018. The exhibition mainly covers metallurgical machinery. mining machinery, lifting machinery, light and small lifting equipment, conveying machinery, bulk handling machinery and so on.

It is well known that mines and transport machinery are important industries for economic lifeline and national security. In recent years, as the demand for new energy and mineral products has increased for economic development, the market scene for mines and transportation machinery has also been very good. In order to expand the influence of the industry, new technologies, new products, and China Heavy Machinery Industry Association have set up a good platform for many enterprises.The 11th China(Shanghai) International Mining and Lifting Machinery Exhibition in 2018 is a regular meeting of China's heavy machinery industry and is currently the largest mine and lifting machinery exhibition in China. So our company will not miss an exhibition. This exhibition also made us meet many of our old customers as well as a lot of new customers, which let us benefit a lot.

There were many exhibitors, most of them were the domestic exhibitors.




Our exhibition stand arrangement is based on the business owner tone, The pictorial in the picture is our company's introduction.







In this exhibition, we chose a spiral Bevel gear with a diameter of 1.4 meters. It is commonly used in mining machinery. Currently, the company manufactures high-toothed spiral Bevel gear products such as KLINGELNBERG. The diameter can reach К2500mm, the median normal modulus can reach 25-30mm, the maximum tooth width is 350-370mm, and the accuracy can reach five or more levels.

Since the "Kelinbeige" Bevel gear has a stable transmission ratio, low noise, stable transmission, and high strength, its ability to resist tooth breakage and tooth surface wear is strong, and its service life is generally not less than 10 years. In many fields, especially in heavy transmission equipment such as mines, electricity, marine use, and cement, the Bevel gears made of "Kelinbeige" gradually replaced the Bevel gears made by "Gleason". In this way, the demand for industrial Bevel gears for product upgrades also reflects the huge market space for "Kelinbeige" Bevel gears.

It comprehensively presents the development trend of the mining machine industry today and provides the best opportunity for exhibitors to seek cooperation, expand the market, and develop and innovate.

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