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Series MLX(I) Heavy Duty Vertical Gerinder Reducer

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The Company is a professional manufacturer specialized in development, design, manufacture and sale of vertical grinding speed reducer, with rich experience in manufacture. The Company owns gear strength design and computation software and large thrust bearing design software introduced from the overseas. In terms of the main equipment for reducer manufacturing and processing, the Company has unique and strong superiority. The Company has imported several complete sets of Klingelnberg high precision CNC equal-height spiral bevel gear cutting machines C100U (four sets), C60U (one set) GMC160 (two sets), two meshing inspection instruments with one GKP851 and one T200, and one gear tester P350. Besides, the Company has also imported one RAPID1000, one RAPID1250, one RAPID1500, one RAPID2000 and RAPID2500 from Germany HOFLER, and one CNC grinding machine from Germany NILES ZE800, with gear precision reaching ISO Level III. For this, the dedicated constant temperature workshop and measurement center are provided to improve the inherent quality of gear. The Company has supporting heat treatment workshop, where several Aichelin multi-purpose furnaces, German KLINGELNBERG quenching presses and carburizing furnaces using German Siemens control system are made available, so that gear heat treatment processes, such as cemented quenching, nitridation and high frequency quenching, could be put into practice.

At present, the Company has produced scores of 3000KW large vertical mill reducers, which have smooth operation and high quality. KINGDOM high-quality products have received extensive high praise from users.



Technical characteristics of MLX(I) Heavy Duty Vertical Gerinder Reducer

1. Widely used in such industries such as building materials,electrical power,and metallurgy.

2. Structure:we use bevel gear+planetary gear direct transmission;integrate reducer and grinder;directly connect output flange to grinding disc to transfer torque;bear the pressure from grinding roller at the same time;cylinder-formed casing and axial thrust bearing can bear large pressure from mill,safe and reliable.

3. Bevel Gear Pairs are made of Klingelnberg gear;Bevel Gear,Sun Gear and Planet Gear all use case hardening technique;our specialized gear profile modification technique,and tooth root shot peening technique are applied to Sun Gear and  Planet Gear.

4. All the gears are tested at ingot stage and after final heat treatment.The main welding seams on the case and planetary rotation are ultrasonic tested.Advanced welding equipment and welding procedure are employed to guarantee high strength and high rigid of rotation.

5. Inner gear rings adopt grinding procedure after rough-machined,and the precision reaches to above Grade 5.(ISO 1328)

6. We use kinetic and static pressure,and static pressure lubrication systerm,which is more secure and reliable.

7. Bearing shells are optimized in designing software,which specially developed in State Key Laboratory.

8. Output flange are flexibly coupled to output shaft with drum-shaped gear,further reduce the impact on gear pair due to load change.

9. Lube oil brand:N220-320(GB/T5903-1995)

10. Service life of all the rolling bearings are over 80,000 hours.

11. The series gearboxes have advantages in small volume,light weight,high efficiency,low noise,less vibration,smooth running and long service life etc.The main technical indications have reached to advanced world level of the same kind products.


Traditional structure diagram


Optimization structure diagram





KLINGELNBERGEqual height bevel gear machining workpiece


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